Venus in Fur (2013)
La vida inesperada (2014)
After the Night (2013)
Salvo (2013)
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (2013)
Sacro GRA (2013)
The Selfish Giant (2013)

Our team

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Our team is dedicated to all aspects of European cinema, from films, actors, filmmakers and scriptwriters to industry professionals, producers, distributors, sales agents, film finance and the film industry as a whole....

Cineuropa - Rue de la Natation 22 – 1050 Brussels.
Tel: + 32 2 537 19 72 – Fax: + 32 2 539 40 44

Editor in Chief
Domenico La Porta, laporta(at)

Editorial Coordination and Partnerships
Vitor Pinto, pinto(at)

Feature Films and Industry Databases, Partnerships Liaison
Elisa Cimino, cimino(at)

Matthew Boas, boas(at)

David González, gonzalez(at)

Frédéric Bernard, bernard(at)

Senior editor
Camillo de Marco, demarco(at)


Baltic states
Laurence Boyce, laurence.boyce(at)

Aurore Engelen, aurore.engelen(at)

Czech Republic, Slovakia
Viktor Palák,

France, Hungary, Film Focus
Fabien Lemercier, lemercier(at)

Camillo de Marco, demarco(at)
Vittoria Scarpa, vittoria.scarpa(at)

Germany, Austria
Bénédicte Prot, prot(at)
Birgit Heidsiek, Birgit.Heidsiek(at)

Greece, Malta, Cyprus
Joseph Proimakis, jproimakis(at)

UK, Ireland
Naman Ramachandran, namanrs(at)

Romania, Bulgaria
Stefan Dobroiu, stefan.dobroiu(at)

The Netherlands, Luxembourg
Boyd van Hoeij, filmboyd(at)

Dorota Hartwich, hartwich(at)

Vitor Pinto, pinto(at)

Jorn Rossing Jensen, jornrossing(at)

Slovenia, Croatia
Vladan Petkovic, vladan.petkovic(at)

Sergio Rios, sergiorios.cineuropa(at)

Giorgia and Muriel Deldon, giorgiadeldon(at)

Valentina Di Michele, vdmsei(at)
Bénédicte Prot, prot(at)
Vittoria Scarpa, vittoria.scarpa(at)
Gonzalo Suárez López, suarez(at)
Sergio Rios, sergiorios.cineuropa(at)

Valerio Caruso, caruso(at) 

Samer Mohdad, info(at)

Financial Director
Frédéric Bernard, bernard(at)

IT project, DB design, CMS,
Programming, Hosting

Andrea D'Aquino, webmaster(at)

Graphics & Design
Kicca D'Ercole, dercole(at)


Board of Directors


Luciana Castellina, Honorary President

Hubert Toint, Saga Film, President

Cécile Despringre, Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA), Vicepresidente

Andrea Rocco, Liguria Film Commission, Secretary

Liliane Ravyts, Cineuropa, Treasurer

Charlotte Appelgren, Cine Regio, Administrator

Eric Franssen, Centre du Cinema Belge, Administrator

Giorgio Gosetti, Venice Days, Administrator

Ivan Corbisier, Brussels European Film Festival, Member of the General Assembly

Myriam Lanotte, Cinergie, Member of the General Assembly

Michele Lo Foco, Lawyer, Member of the General Assembly

Adeline Monzier, Unifrance - New York office, Member of the General Assembly

Antonio Perez, Producer, Member of the General Assembly

Cristina Priarone, Lazio Film Commission, Member of the General Assembly



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