Viktoria (2013)
Hasta ver la luz (2013)
El cuaderno (2013)
Sacro GRA (2013)
Circles (2013)
La gran belleza (2013)
Arrugas (2011)

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Country Focus: Reino Unido

Film on UK television 2007 (March 2008)

23/03/2008 - The UK Film Council produced a report on "Film on UK television". A research explaining in detail how television gives more access to film than ever with well over a third of audiences coming from multi-channel television. Almost 6,000 different films were screened on television as a whole in 2007, offering something for all tastes. See the report:

pdf (328 kb) Film on UK television 2007

(El artículo continúa más abajo - Inf. publicitaria)

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