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Country Focus: Autriche

Austria - Film Industry Report 2007 (Facts & Figures 2006)


- For many years the film sector had called for an annual report that would describe the situation of Austria’s movie industry, not only with a view to collecting objective facts and figures and thus establishing a national and European context for Austrian film production, but also to give policy makers an indication of where action might be needed and which forward-looking decisions had to be taken.
With its third Film Industry Report, the Austrian Film Institute provides a well-founded basis for these aspirations. The developments shown by the report, some of them significant will probably prompt clear reactions from policy makers, the media and the film sector itself. The results of the 2006 Film Industry Report represent a snapshot of continuous development.

(L'article continue plus bas - Inf. publicitaire)

See the report:
pdf Austria Film Industry Report 2007 - Facts&Figures 2006



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