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Country Focus: Italy

Gilles Sousa • Head of Sales, BAC Films

Gilles Sousa • Head of Sales, BAC Films

- (This article has been published in Le Film Français - Supplement Italy 2016)

BAC films sold Paolo Virzì’s Human Capital [+see also:
interview: Paolo Virzì
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all around the globe and the sales agency now has the Italian director’s latest film in their hands.

Following Human Capital, BAC Films will be handling sales for Virzì’s new film, Like Crazy. We feel as though these two films both have very different storylines, but possess the same pulling power on the market.
That’s right, BAC films has the rights for the international distribution of Like Crazy [+see also:
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Q&A: Paolo Virzì
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. These are two very different stories, but they are both exciting and captivating. I feel that Paolo Virzì’s next film will have the same reception on the market as Human Capital [+see also:
interview: Paolo Virzì
film profile
, which we were able to sell across close to 45 territories. So as soon as we announced the project at Cannes a year ago, we were able to lock in some 15 territories.
You could say that Paolo is a director whom distributers trust, because he has been able to reach audiences outside of Italy. Whether you’re in Japan, German or the United States, you can always identify with Virzì’s characters!

Why do you think that, over the past few years, Italian cinema and its new auteurs have been so appealing?
While the Italian film industry may be going through a profound crisis, it is far from dead… New Italian auteurs, supported by new production outfits, have been able to break out. Maybe Daniel Toscan du Plantier was wrong when he spoke of the “fall of the Italian empire” and “liquidation” … You must believe that the efforts coming from this crisis-stricken film industry in the midst of a crisis-stricken society are positive. The societal crisis is a bottomless well of inspiration, which new Italian auteurs have been able to adapt for the big screen. You could also say that lately the Italian films are more appealing because they’re more realistic.

France plays a significant role in Italian projects, with the almost prophetic capacity to discover emerging talents. What’s your take on this?
France plays a significant role in Italian projects by investing in these projects. Virzì’s last two productions were co-productions with France, and his next project is sure to be one, too. This association between French and Italian producers will continue, I think. Internationally renowned festivals in each country like Cannes and Venice are also there to offer support to these productions.


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