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Country Focus: Germany

FFA supports film industry to tune of €72.7m in 2008


FFA supports film industry to tune of €72.7m in 2008

- According to a report published last week, in 2008, the German film regulating body FFA (Filmförderungsanstalt) had a total budget of €72.7m with which to support the film and video industry (compared to €71.3m the previous year). In all, €62.4m were allocated (i.e. €4.7m more than in 2007).

Priority areas remain production support (€15.1m for 61 cinematic features) and the automatic support scheme Referenzförderung (€15.3m for 105 films).

(The article continues below - Commercial information)

Distribution funding amounted to €10.3m, while €533,000 was earmarked for screenplays and €663,000 for shorts. National and international advertising campaigns for German films received €6.5m in backing.

Exhibitors and video clubs/videotheques obtained around €6m each. Moreover, the FFA spent €1.1m as part of the Franco-German agreement.


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