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Country Focus: Germany

FFA publishes 2009 report


FFA publishes 2009 report

- The FFA (German film regulating body) has published its report for 2009: €60.1m in funding was granted to the German film industry, i.e. around €11.5m less than the previous year. This is because debates about the film funding law created uncertainty and, during this latency period, companies with an obligation to invest in cinema felt discouraged from paying their contribution while this money wasn’t actually being reinvested in the industry as funding.

(The article continues below - Commercial information)

The biggest share of subsidies was allocated for production: €15.5m was shared out among 49 films and €10m in automatic production support went to 107 films. Meanwhile, €18.7m was earmarked for film promotion, €800,000 for screenplay development and €562,000 for short films.

The distribution sector received €12.6m in support (€5.5m for distributors and exhibitors and €7.1m for video). A total of €321,000 was allocated for training, research and innovation and €1.5m as part of the Franco-German agreement.

The 2009 report is available in German on the FFA website.


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