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Country Focus: Sweden

Now for the real celebration: Swedish Film Institute turns 50


Now for the real celebration: Swedish Film Institute turns 50

- The Swedish Film Institute’s 50th anniversary has already been celebrated in Cannes and Göteborg, and today (October 16) starts the Jubilee programme at Stockholm’s Filmhuset, including two days of theory and policy, two days of films and filmmakers – and parts of a film museum all the time.

The museum in the Film House lounge includes Greta Garbo’s hat from Ninotchka (1939), Pippi Longstocking’s clothes, Gio Petré’s costume designed by Mago for Riders in Blue (1959), Karl Gerhard’s coat from The Jazz Kid (1958), several film cameras, a mutoscope, a praximoscope and Anna Månsdotter’s decapitated head from The Yngsjö Killing (1966).

Long Live Cinema! headlines the weekend schedule of guided tours, film quizzes and screenings of restored versions of, ao, Victor Sjöström’s 1918 classic, You and I, to an orchestra conducted by Matti Bye, and Ingmar Bergman’s1975, The Magic Flute, attended by Swedish singer Håkan Hagegård (who performs in the film) and the Bergman son, Daniel Bergman, himself a director.

European film institute chiefs will meet today to discuss the current situation of European film and compare different film policies; the panel is joined by Roland Teichmann (Austria), Nina Refseth (Norway), Henrik Bo Nielsen (Denmark), Doreen Boonekamp (The Netherlands), Agnieszka Odorowicz  (Poland), Irina Krohn (Finland) and Anna Serner, of the Swedish Film Institute.

Also on the programme is Swedish director Lasse Hallström’s Viva Abba, aka ABBA: The Movie, about a radio DJ trying to get an interview with the Swedish pop group during its 1977 Austrian tour. The film will be introduced by Hallström and ABBA member Benny Andersson.


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