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Country Focus: Malta

Scerri-Ferrante's company strengthens links with Film Afrika


Scerri-Ferrante's company strengthens links with Film Afrika

- Maltese company The Producer’s Creative Partnership (PCP) has announced an extension of it activities to South Africa thanks to a new affiliation with Cape Town-based production outfit Film Afrika.

The PCP’s new office in Cape Town aims to increase the number co-productions between Europe and South Africa making use of existing co-production treaties that are already in place with Italy, Germany, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  South Africa offers ideal climate conditions and a large diversity of locations – able to portray many countries - as well as a strong infrastructure and professional crews.

According to PCP’s founding producer Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante: “The attractiveness of South Africa as a cost-efficient destination will enable more European films with challenging budgets to be made when otherwise they would be difficult to realize. Such co-productions often help bring to the screen each producing country’s cultural identity and also giving a global perspective to a personal story.”

David Wicht, executive producer and owner of Film Afrika, said: “These are exciting times for South Africa as more and more producers are wanting to film here. We offer world-class skills across all department, English as 1st language, great cost-efficiency, a personalized and hands-on approach and a focus on creating unbeatable production values on screen.”


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