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Country Focus: Italy

Cinetel 2014 Data: a decrease in admissions and takings, a successful start to 2015


Cinetel 2014 Data: a decrease in admissions and takings, a successful start to 2015

- According to data from Cinetel, which observes 93% of admissions for the whole market, 91,465,599 tickets were sold in 2014, with a decrease of 6.13% compared to 2013, and takings amounted to 574,839,395 euro, with a decline of 7.09%. Compared to 2012 on the other hand, 2014 broke even in terms of admissions (+0.1%).

The Cinetel data was presented and analysed yesterday in Rome, at Agis, by the operator associations ANEC and ANEM and by ANICA distributors and producers. Speaking at the presentation were the heads of ANEC, Luigi Cuciniello, ANEM, Carlo Bernaschi, ANICA Producers' Section, Francesca Cima, vice-president of ANICA Distributors' Section, Luigi Lonigro, and head of Cinetel, Michele Napoli.

The Italian cinema market share dropped. In terms of admissions in 2014, it dropped to 27.76% versus 31.16% in 2013 (when Sole a catinelle [+see also:
film profile
with Checco Zalone alonehad garnered about1.8% of admissions). The market share for US cinema also declined, from 53.37% in 2013 to 49.65% in 2014. The number of distributed films increased: 470 in 2014 compared to 454 in 2013.

In addition, in 2014 average ticket prices continued to fall, equalling 6.02 euro, versus 6.08 in 2013.

A successful start to 2015: the first six days marked the best result in the last twenty years, with 4.8 million admissions. The positive trend also continued in subsequent days: from 1 to 13 January tickets issued, compared to the same period in 2014, increased by 10.35% and takings by 10.71%.

Along with this good start to 2015, industry representatives are hopeful regarding the results of many potential hit movies announced, both Italian and American, and associations have expressed a desire to facilitate the release of acclaimed titles all year round.

Download the Cinetel 2014 Data - PDF and the Data Summary - PDF.


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