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Country Focus: Hungary

A boost for Hungarian films with foreign casts


A boost for Hungarian films with foreign casts

- While the Hungarian film industry has now reorganised itself after having hit rock bottom, but national production is still recovering, the Parliament has just added a few tweaks to the country's film law. Among the new amendments, the notion of a film shot in the Hungarian language has been broadened to now include productions for which the director and the majority of the film crew speak Hungarian. Films in which a majority of scenes are shot in a foreign language because of the actors will thus be able to be supported to the the same level as those shot in Hungarian, i.e. 80% of the production budget, whereas they only received 50% until now (even if they qualified as Hungarian films).

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Parliament's recent amendments have also reinforced the pivotal role played by the Hungarian National Film Fund (headed by Andrew G. Vajna - photo) and precisely defined the cost of shooting in different Hungarian towns (from €0.7 to €7 per day and per meter square).


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