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Country Focus: Spain

ICAA allocates €92.5m for amortisation and distribution of features


- The Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute (ICAA), headed by Ignasi Guardans, has announced the recipients of the 2009 subsidies for the amortisation and distribution of features, which amount to €48.1m and €4.4m, respectively.

A total of 98 films will receive amortisation funding, which is the largest subsidy (representing approximately 75%) and is calculated according to box office takings, although this may change in the future (see news).

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Three productions, Café Solo o Con Ellas (“Coffee Alone or With Them”), The Orphanage [+see also:
film profile
and 13 Roses [+see also:
film profile
, will receive the maximum amount of €1m. Next in line are The Nautical Chart (€980,000), Atasco en la Nacional (“Traffic Jam on the Motorway”, €928,145), El Club de Los Suicidas (“Suicidal People’s Club, €913,365) and Blinkers (€911,421).

Meanwhile, distribution funding has been allocated for 110 releases by 33 different companies. The biggest recipient is Wanda Visión, which will receive €414,106 for seven films, followed by Alta Classics (€390,655 for seven films), Karma Films (€329,219), Sogedasa-Filmax (€318,650), Aurum Producciones (€255,426) and Golem Distribución (€240,404).

Another subsidy, for the organisation of film and audiovisual arts festivals, has recently been announced, with a total budget of €459,000. The Spanish Film Academy’s annual awards, better known as the Goyas, is the most generously financed event, with €150,000.


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