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Country Focus: Spain

Spain’s first online cinema is born


Spain’s first online cinema is born

- For a few days now, the digital distribution landscape in Spain has seen the participation of a new member: CineOnLine. This platform, as opposed to the other VoD initiatives currently active in Spain, will specialise in films that premiere directly in this format. In other words, CineOnLine aims to become, for all intents and purposes, Spain’s first online cinema. As a result, titles will remain available for a while before being replaced by other movies.

Roberto Sanz, manager of CineOnLine, explained the venture, listing the factors that constituted the driving force behind the founding of the project: “On one hand, the discovery of a cultural and sociological reality that has a direct impact on the way people consume audiovisual works and, on the other, a relevant economic reality that has recently brought about another change in consumption habits in our country – in this case, how people consume entertainment”.

According to the platform’s press release, its objectives are “to offer the user the chance to see brand-new cinematic works wherever, whenever and however he or she wishes; to enable the service to be used in areas of our country where access to cinematic culture is difficult, and to do away with the movie-theatre screening distribution window so as to lower the price of access to film premieres”.

The first premiere on CineOnLine will take place on Friday 18 July with the Franco-Belgian comedy The Volcano [+see also:
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, directed by Alexandre Coffre, and starring Dany Boon and Valérie Bonneton.

CineOnLine is an initiative that has received backing from distributor Alimpro Films, which holds the rights for The Volcano, and production outfit Aliwood.


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