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Country Focus: Spain

Márgenes becomes a distributor of independent films


Márgenes becomes a distributor of independent films

- Those who enjoyed watching What Now? Remind Me [+see also:
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at the most recent edition of the Márgenes Festival (read the news) found it hard to believe that wider audiences could not watch the moving documentary by Joaquim Pinto in commercial theatres. That wish will come true in Spain on 17 April when Márgenes Distribución takes its first steps, releasing this cinematic diary focusing on love, AIDS and survival across a number of cities in the country. Indeed, the people behind the online festival are making the leap to the world of distribution, and following the release of the Portuguese film, the Spanish title The High Pressures [+see also:
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interview: Ángel Santos
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by Ángel Santos, winner of the New Waves Award (Fiction) at the Seville European Film Festival 2014 (read the news), will be launched on 8 May.

Márgenes Distribución specialises in independent Latin American cinema, bringing out internationally acclaimed titles that, sadly, cannot find slots on the cinema listings a lot of the time. This represents an evolutionary step forward by the people who manage it – the same people who also organise the Márgenes Festival, which focuses on the same type of movies. “We’re a little bit gung-ho,” asserts Pablo Caballero (the communications manager in a five-person team, with Diego Rodríguez serving as CEO), “but we wanted to put our faith in the films that we like: there is a whole ecosystem of alternative movie theatres, websites and media interested in this kind of film, since theatres and new customs can coexist.”

The first screening of What Now? Remind Me in Madrid will be attended by its director, who will take part in a discussion with the audience, which is an event that Santos will repeat in the future (read the interview): “It’s a way of attracting attention and getting back to creating a dialogue between the viewers and the filmmakers,” Caballero continues. “It’s all about being imaginative: the traditional paths are like that because someone made them up; we have to find the cracks, and this type of film has to find its niche.” Márgenes Distribución is a brand owned by River Events Highway SL, an experienced company in the world of cultural management.


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