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Country Focus: Norway

Norwegian Film Institute backs talent in New Ways


Norwegian Film Institute backs talent in New Ways

- Instigated by the NFI - Norwegian Film Institute/Norsk Filminstitutt, the New Ways programme will support new directors' artistic courage, contemplation and development - the first four filmmakers to benefit from the new scheme are Norwegian directors Ole Giæver, Aasne Vaa Greibrokk, Camilla Figenschou and Ingvild Søderlind, who have each received €13,500 to work on new features.

Last month (October 15) a group of ten directors presented their new projects to film consultants, and special adviser Eva Færevåg, who is responsible for the programme, said: "The idea was to inspire, clarify and discuss fresh ideas, and to contribute to further developing new talent on a highly professional level."

"New Ways supports the filmmakers - when it comes to project development and production, institute finance goes to the producers," Færevåg added. Only Giæver has made a feature before - The Mountain (2011), adding eight shorts and an episode of the Hellfjord series for television; Greibrokk and Søderlind are each credited for a short in 2010, Remember Me Tomorrow and Jenny, respectively.

Two documentaries and two shorts were also given development funding - the documentaries are Skule Eriksen's Lost In Time (from Lisbeth Dreyer/Ibis Film), Nina Bergstrøm's Portrait of My Father (Cecilie Bjørnaraa/True Fiction), and the shorts Hallvar Witsø's National Day (Elisabeth Kvithyll/Hummelfilm, and Gunhild Enger's Sub Total (Gudrun Austli/Revenka).


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