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Country Focus: The Netherlands

Limburg sets up film fund


Limburg sets up film fund

- The province of Limburg, located in the south of the Netherlands, is setting up a regional film fund aimed at producing a range of films credited to Limburg, and at giving filmmakers the opportunity to make cross-border films based in the region.

The family film Code M [+see also:
film profile
by Dennis Bots is already part of a pilot scheme by the new fund. The film, which opens domestically on 24 June, focuses on three teenagers who go looking for the sword of the musketeer d’Artagnan, who perished in Limburg in 1673 during the Siege of Maastricht while serving King Louis XIV during the Franco-Dutch War.

According to the province’s cultural representative, Ger Koopmans, “The great diversity in scenery and architecture combined with an excellent infrastructure make the region a very attractive place for filmmakers. Furthermore, Limburg shares a border with Germany and Belgium, and Luxembourg is just 90 minutes by car from Maastricht; three countries with a very successful international film industry and excellent financial potential for filmmaking. Filmmakers can very easily combine regional financial arrangements in Limburg with financial arrangements for movies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.”

Prior to the establishment of the new fund, Limburg was also the setting for another Dutch title released earlier this year: the Rotterdam competition drama Son of Mine [+see also:
film review
film profile
by Remy van Heugten.


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