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Country Focus: Romania

Annual film earnings register 12% increase in 2013


Annual film earnings register 12% increase in 2013

- 2013 came with 192 releases in Romanian cinemas (versus only 173 in 2012), which earned a total amount of €36.51m. When compared to the previous year (€32.6m), the numbers register a 12% increase. The number of admissions increased by 10%.

Hobbits, superheroes and speed addicts dominated Romanian screens, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug climbing to the highest step of the podium in terms of earnings, with more than 300,000 admissions in only three weeks. Thor: The Dark World (228,000 admissions) was helped to the second place by more expensive 3D tickets, with Fast & Furious 6 (266,000 admissions) in tow.

In terms of domestic releases, 2013 registered the great success of Calin Peter Netzer’s Child’s Pose [+see also:
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, which became the most popular Romanian film of the last decade, with 117,000 admissions and as much as 42% of the annual earnings of domestic productions. The earnings of the 23 local films represent only 1,83% of the entire amount earned by Romanian cinemas in 2013, a steep decrease from 2,7% in 2012, when only 18 domestic films were released.

As for European films, the year’s biggest success (if one doesn’t take into account Gravity) is Luc Besson’s The Family [+see also:
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, with 71,000 admissions. It was followed by Spanish animation Justin and the Knights of Valour [+see also:
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(44,000 admissions).

2013 registered an obvious increase regarding the total number of screens on which a film is released. The widest release was Monsters University (105 screens), while 23 other films were released on at least 50 screens, significantly more than in 2012 (11 films).


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