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Country Focus: Luxembourg

New round of funding benefits local projects and coproductions


New round of funding benefits local projects and coproductions

- It’s a good time for Luxembourg movies, with two Luxembourg-language features currently in production: Ouni d’Hänn (photo) from director Donato Rotunno and Mammejong from filmmaker Jacques Molitor. The latest round of funding from the Luxembourg Film Fund should ensure that this trend continues.

Two films from local first-time directors received development aidfor their second features: Bernardy, from the director of the box-office hit Blind Spot [+see also:
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interview: Christophe Wagner
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, Christophe Wagner, who’s developing the project again with Samsa Film; and Le Fruit du Diable, from producer Nicolas Steil and his Iris Productions, which will mark his second directorial outing after Draft Dodgers (Réfractaires). Both received €60,000 for the development of their screenplay.

Three other projects from emerging directors also received development aid: Make It Better from Belgian director Sarah Hirtt and Don’t Take It Personally from Frenchman Jacques Akchoti (both Samsa co-productions) and At the Sign of the Blue Truffle from U.S. director John Huddles (Deal Productions).

In terms of production subsidies, Amour Fou received €2.1m for their film Die Revolution from Austrian director Virgil Widrich, while the Lucil Film co-production Préjudice from Belgian filmmaker Antoine Cuypers, received €900,000, as did Mammal [+see also:
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 from Irish director Rebecca Daly, a Red Lion co-production.

The animated film Richard the Stork [+see also:
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 from Toby Genkel received €1.7m for the Melusine Productions co-production, while Fabrique d’Images received €1.6m for their animated series Ziggy and the Zoo Tram, which will be coproduced with Skyline Entertainment.

A total of €7,817,158 was awarded (including short films), though €2.63m is part of the 2014 budget of the Film Fund that has yet to be officially approved.


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