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Country Focus: Lithuania

Competition for national film funding in Lithuania concludes for 2015


Competition for national film funding in Lithuania concludes for 2015

- In the latest – and concluding – round of national film funding from the Lithuanian Film Centre for 2015 projects, €20,000 has been allocated to the pre-production of the feature-length Jellyfish on the Moon (Medūza mėnulyje), directed by Ernestas Jankauskas and produced by Dansu Films, VšĮ. The total budget of the pre-production is €63,000. Jankauskas previously directed the short film The Queen of England Stole My Parents, which proved a popular title on the festival circuit.

Another €12,700 was secured for the pre-production of the feature Chess-player (Šachmatininkas), directed by Linas Ryškus and produced by Kino kultas, VšĮ. The overall pre-production budget of the movie amounts to €17,500.

Earlier this year, €1,703,547 was distributed among 21 film projects in production, meaning that a total of €1,751,047 of state funding has been distributed among 24 projects (either in production or in development) during the first competition of this year. The exhaustive list of the supported titles can be found here.

These grants conclude the first competition for state funding of 2015. According to new film-funding regulations in Lithuania, another funding competition will be launched in April of this year, calling for projects for 2016. A total of €2,190,226 will be allocated for the support of movie projects from the LFC’s budget during the two competitions held in 2015.


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