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Country Focus: Portugal

Portugal's Film law: a new bill to unblock an unsatisfactory situation


Portugal's Film law: a new bill to unblock an unsatisfactory situation

- At the beginning of the year, the Portuguese government approved a bill which introduces amendments to the current film law. The bill aims at guaranteeing the public funding schemes of the film and audiovisual industry and unblocking a non-payment situation involving subscription-based television operators, who have refused to follow the law so far (news).

According to the bill, the yearly contribution of the subscription-based operators will be reduced from 3.5 to 1.75 euros for each subscription. That sum is to be allocated to Portugal’s film institute, the ICA, and later redistributed to support local production. The bill also includes that the Communications National Authority (ANACOM) will transfer part of its yearly revenues to the ICA.

Pandora da Cunha Telles, president of the Association of film and audiovisual producers (APCA), has declared to the LUSA agency that the amendments are “a short-term compromise” and that “in moral terms, it represents a backspace. It solves a treasury issue but, morally, for the country, it is not a good omen: changing a law because you can’t enforce it!”

ICA’s supporting schemes calendar for 2014 is still to be published.


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