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Industry Report: Green Film Shooting

What producers want


What producers want

-  Saving energy is a key requirement for every green film production. Best Practice Guides advise to use energy efficient lighting. With LED lights, energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved. 

“Using LED lighting is an ecological and economic benefit“, says Gustav Schwaupa, the CEO of the Cologne-based company LIGHTEQUIP, which has been providing Film and TV productions with lighting, camera equipment, and supplies by leading manufactures for more than 15 years. 

A good reason to choose LED is not only its smaller size and weight but also because they are stand-alone units and rechargeable. During the shooting the European action-adventure film Big Game, the Finnish DP Mika Orasmaa used some flying LEDs at night in a forest as fill lights for the actors’ faces. 

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The innovative LED lights are more efficient than either incandescent or HMI lights, and they also generate much less heat. In the studio, LED lighting lowers production costs because there is no need for dimmers, air conditioning costs go down, and set-up times are shorter because there is less cabling. Further advantages include a faster change of color temperature, less use of gels, as well as the higher mechanical resilience of the lighting units. ”The operating costs are also lower”, emphasizes the LIGHTEQUIP CEO, ”because it is no longer necessary to replace bulbs.”

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