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Dossier industrie: Distribution et exploitation

Etude de cas distribution: More Than Honey


- Nous avons interviewé les distributeurs de différents pays d'Europe pour comprendre comment le film a été distribué en Europe et voir les différentes particularités selon les pays

Etude de cas distribution: More Than Honey

Cet article est disponible uniquement en anglais.

More than honey is a documentary about the death of bees in Europe directed by the Swiss Markus Imhoof. Although More than honey is a documentary it can be qualified as a feature film, so the combination between information and aesthetics is successful. Finally More than honey is a film for everyone, for families as well as beekeepers, for ecologists as well as European leaders. Indeed, the film deals with a subject that concerns us all and aims at awakening our consciences.

In the context of its partnership with Europa distribution, Cineuropa has interviewed different European distributors, in order to know how the film has been distributed throughout Europe. 


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