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Industry Report: Distribution and Exhibition

European Video Market Information 2003-2008


- The comprehensive statistics on retail DVD sales in Europe from 2003-2008 are available through the European Video Yearbook by International Video Federation (IVF). This book also offers marketing information of European countries including the two non-IVF members, Ireland and Switzerland.

The statistics have been compiled by the IVF in collaboration with Screen Digest. Total European statistics also include data on countries, in which the IVF has no local member. These have been compiled by Screen Digest from other market sources around Europe.

pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2008
pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2007
pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2006
pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2005
pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2004
pdf (328 kb) Industry Overview 2003


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