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by Alison Murray


Bored by school, Sherry, a teenager with attitude and a lip-ring hooks up with a bizarre collective called Spark, and heads off across Europe in a couple of camper vans, packed with homeless kids, and teenage prostitutes. Renamed Bat, Sherry has to pass tests to be accepted by Spark, from acquiring a taste for food from dumpsters to living out of everyone else's pockets and having to share her precious make-up. Spark's leader, Harry hopes to recondition the rebels through his own methods of isolation, hard work and punishment. Finally the group arrives at Harry's vineyard in Portugal, where he begins the establishment of an alternative paradise, harvesting ripe grapes and ready minds. But the stakes are high in this volatile group.

international title: Mouth to Mouth
original title: Mouth to Mouth
country: United Kingdom, Germany
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Alison Murray
release date: UK 09/05/2008, FR 01/07/2009
screenplay: Alison Murray
cast: Ellen Page, Natasha Wightman, August Diehl, Beatrice Brown, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Elliot McCabe-Lokos, Diana Greenwood, Eric Thal
cinematography by: Barry Stone
film editing: Christian Lonk
art director: Ulrika von Vegesack
costumes designer: Jemima Cotter
music: Rowan Oliver
producer: Anne Beresford, Judy Tossell
production: MJW Productions Ltd, Egoli Tossell Film
distributor: Cosmopolis Distribution