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by Christian Merlhiot


Lili is a young French girl about to step into adolescence; Ken is a young Japanese man with a slender body. She lands in Japan on her own. Ken meets her at the Fukuoka airport and must take her to her father on an island in the southern part of the archipelago. They do not speak the same language, but do not seem to be hindered by the absence of words. On the contrary, a kind of distant and affectionate complicity gradually grows between them…

original title: Silenzio
country: France
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Christian Merlhiot
film run: 75'
release date: FR 26/04/2006
screenplay: Christian Merlhiot
cast: Lili Merlhiot, Kentaro Satô
cinematography by: Vincent Roux
film editing: Pascale Mons
music: Akira Fuse
producer: Alice Beckmann
production: Groupe de Recherches et d'Essais Cinematographiques (GREC), Cinéastes Associés
distributor: Pointligneplan