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by Frédéric Videau


"Look for the father… and you will (maybe) find the son… That was the idea behind the film: to attempt, for the first time, to have a sustained conversation with my father and to see where this would lead. To speak about things we’d never spoken about before (not hard, given that we’ve never talked about anything) and to keep filming, no matter what happened. I didn’t know how it would work out for him or for me, I only knew that I was going to ask him why he didn’t love me and that I would listen attentively to his answer. "

original title: Le Fils de Jean-Claude Videau
country: France
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Frédéric Videau
film run: 60'
release date: FR 26/09/2001
cast: Frédéric Videau, Jean-Claude Videau, Isabelle Moreau, Stéphane Videau
cinematography by: Catherine Pujol
film editing: Annette Dutertre
producer: Marc De Bayser, Frank Le Wita
production: Film Oblige
distributor: Magouric Distribution