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by Guillaume Tunzini


Witches decked out in vinyl outfits trafficking illegal organic substances, a rich gay heir bored to death, a possessive mother who just happens to also be a devilish smuggler, a marriage contract cluttered with surrealistic clauses... Frogz reexamines fairy tales and the myth of Prince Charming. Guillaume Tunzini’s debut feature is a crazy comedy consisting of trashy and oddball humor set against a backdrop of psychedelic images and techno rhythms.

original title: Frogz
country: France
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Guillaume Tunzini
film run: 91'
release date: FR 10.10.01
screenplay: Guillaume Tunzini
cast: Agathe Teyssier, Nanou Garcia, Sandrine Molaro, Jean-François Sirerol, Michel Vivier, Jean-Christophe Barc, Hélène Oddos, Éric Seigne, Sophie Nicollas, Saliha Terki
cinematography by: Julio Ribeyro
film editing: Marie-France Cuénot
art director: Didier Naert
costumes designer: Emmanuelle Pertus
producer: Alexandre Sartene
production: Blackstone Pictures, Les Films du Centaure
distributor: Les Films du Centaure