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by Eric Atlan


Once upon a time a Troll was bored in his beautiful magical book. One day, he heard about love… Intrigued by this word unknown to him, he decided to join the human world because they alone practice this art. When he saw Octave, ingenuous and in love, the Troll said to himself: “Here’s a good subject, he’s my case study.” He then entered Octave’s soul and settled in to better observe this strange phenomenon up close. This story may seem a total fantasy, and yet… What if it were true?

original title: Mystery Troll (Un amour enchanté)
country: France
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Eric Atlan
film run: 104'
release date: FR 18/07/2001
screenplay: Eric Atlan, Marie-Claude Dazun, Robin Adam
cast: Zoé Coussonneau, Bastien Camille, Maud Rayer, Nicolas Silberg, André Oumansky, Patrice Barletta, Marie Le Seviller, Arnaud Churin, Arnaud Meunier, Pimprenelle, Sylvain Maier, Candice Leclabart
music: Eric Atlan
production: Borromée Production
distributor: Artedis