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by Pierre Carles


“What I had in mind, when I began shooting the film, was, using Pierre Bourdieu’s work as an example, to show the reasons why it is useful to not be duped by appearances, obvious things, common sense, all that which is promoted as natural by the media, in particular, television… The film doesn’t aim to show a thinker busy giving birth to a concept, but to share my encounter with certain parts of a body of work that was already pretty well established, and thanks to which I have been able to move ahead in my own understanding of the world.”

original title: La sociologie est un sport de combat
country: France
sales agent: C-P Productions
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Pierre Carles
film run: 146'
release date: FR 02/05/2001
screenplay: Pierre Carles
cast: Pierre Bourdieu, Pierre Carles, Loïc Wacquant
film editing: Virginie Charifi, Youssef Charifi, Claire Painchault, Bernard Sasia
producer: Pierre Carles
production: C-P Productions
distributor: Cara M