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by Xavier Ruiz


In today's Switzerland an army lieutenant takes six of his men on a reconnaissance mission, just a few days before the end of their annual tour of duty. Due to a blunder the Swiss soldiers find themselves on French territory.

original title: Neutre
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Navarro Films
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Xavier Ruiz
film run: 90'
release date: CH 30/08/2001
screenplay: Nicholas Cuthbert
cast: Roberto Bestazzoni, Olivier Iglesias, Lambert Bastar, Gaspard Boesch, Nicholas Michel, Miami Themo, Julien George
cinematography by: Christophe Serrare
film editing: Jean-Paul Cardinaux
art director: Patrick Schmid
costumes designer: Carol Favre
music: Nik Petsilas, Bernard Trontin
producer: Sandra K'Bourch
production: Pacific Films, Freenews, Subliminal Pictures, Nema Productions, Télévision Suisse Romande
distributor: Elite Film AG