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by Luis Nieto


Gregorio Gamboa is back in Uruguay after leaving years before because of political problems. He returns with his wife and his two adolescent children. They plan to build their house over land that belonged to Gregorio's grandfather, but the family suspect that beneath the terrain there is a huge number of weapons buried by Gregorio during his youth. One day, the father tells his son his secret.

international title: Southern Star
original title: Estrella del Sur
country: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay
sales agent: Miramar Comunicación Audiovisual S.L.
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Luis Nieto
film run: 97'
release date: ES 24/01/2003
screenplay: Luis Nieto
cast: Jean Pierre Noher, Margarita Musto, Roger Casamajor, Marina Glezer, Emiliano Lozano, Julia Castagno, Javier Lucía
cinematography by: Pierre Benzrihem
film editing: Jorge Valencia
art director: Carolina Comas, Natalia Duré
costumes designer: Violant Porcel
music: Gustavo Montemuro
producer: Pedro Belda Román, Jaime Luis Lozano
production: Miramar Comunicación Audiovisual S.L., Jaime Luis Lozano-Quimera Films (AR), Río Truco (UY)
distributor: Miramar Comunicación Audiovisual