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by Jaime Rosales


Oriol and Yolanda live in Paris with their two daughters. Oriol is an architect and Yolanda is a teacher. During a holiday at the Ebro River Delta they have an accident that changes their lives.

international title: Dream and Silence
original title: Sueño y silencio
country: Spain, France
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Jaime Rosales
release date: ES 08/06/2012, FR 03/10/2012
screenplay: Jaime Rosales
cast: Oriol Roselló, Yolanda Galocha, Alba Ros, Celia Correas, Jaume Terradas, Laura Latorre
cinematography by: Oscar Durán
film editing: Nino Martínez Sosa
art director: Thomas Grezaut
producer: Jaime Rosales, José María Morales, Jérôme Dopffer
production: Fresdeval Films S.L., Les Productions Balthazar, Wanda Visión, Televisió de Catalunya - TV3
backing: ICAA
distributor: Nirvana Films, Bodega Films