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by Franck Guérin


One O One : a feature film in 2 periods. In the first period, Abbas & Clara live in an isolated mountain village. After some prowlers came wandering through town, villagers become sick with a mysterious disease that affects their memory. Some of them become aggressive & dangerous. Things get worse when it is discovered that the disease is extremely contagious... One day, as he is patrolling in the nearby woods, Abbas discovers a child who's hiding her sick mother... In the second period, 10 years later, Abbas lives alone in Taipei, far from that village where he survived the contamination... In this city, under the shadow of the huge 101 tower, Abbas will relentlessly search for his lost world... At the crossroads of dream & reality, reason & madness, One O One is a poem-movie above everything.

original title: One O One
country: France
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Franck Guérin
film run: 95'
release date: FR 30/05/2012
screenplay: Franck Guérin
cast: Yann Peira, Aleksandra Yermak, Cassandre Manet, Camille Guérin, Xian-Han Wang, Brian Yang
cinematography by: Mathieu Pansard
film editing: Mike Fromentin, Cyril Leuthy
music: Sébastien Schuller, Richard Cousin, Ludovic Leleu, Franck Guérin
producer: Eric Porcher
production: Alterego Productions
distributor: Kanibal Distribution