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by Vincenzo Marra


"The Twin" is Raffaele´s nickname. He is twenty-nine and has two twin brothers. At the age of fifteen he was sent to prison for robbing a bank. He has been there for twelve years. Raffaele is no normal inmate - he is charismatic and his fellow inmates respect him. The Secondigliano penitentiary, in Naples, is his home. Raffaele shares his life in this painful place with Gennaro, his roommate who is the same age and has been sentenced to life. Together, they work doing waste collection, which enables him to support his family. Raffaele also has a special relationship with Niko, the head of the prison guards with whom he speaks and exchanges ideas. Niko is looking to introduce more humane rules in the prison. The film is a journey into the physical and spiritual aspects of Secondigliano - from the cramped cells, to the visiting room where the three protagonists´ lives are brought together through events of small and large importance.

international title: The Triplet
original title: Il gemello
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Vincenzo Marra
film run: 88'
release date: FR 10/07/2013
screenplay: Vincenzo Marra
cast: Raffaele Costagliola, Domenico Manzi
cinematography by: Francesca Amitrano
film editing: Luca Benedetti
producer: Gianluca Arcopinto, Marco Ledda, Vincenzo Marra, Angelo Russo Russelli
production: Axelotil, Settembrini
distributor: Pablo c/o Axelotil film, Bellissima Films