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by Jesús Bonilla


Sixty years after gold is smuggled out of Spain by the Republican forces at the start of the Civil War in 1936, Beltran, a member of that regiment, now on his deathbed, tells his nurse of the secret code that shows the way to the money.

international title: Moscow Gold
original title: El oro de Moscú
country: Spain
sales agent: Enrique Cerezo P.C.
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Jesús Bonilla
film run: 107'
release date: ES 28/03/2003
screenplay: Jesús Bonilla, Joaquín Andújar
cast: Alberto Chaves, Santiago Segura, Jesús Bonilla, Concha Velasco, Alfredo Landa, Gabino Diego, Antonio Resines, Jorge Sanz, Juan Luis Galiardo, Neus Asensi
cinematography by: Javier Salmones
film editing: Paco Blanco
costumes designer: Mar Bardavío
music: Manuel Villalta
producer: Carlos Bernases, Enrique Cerezo
production: Enrique Cerezo P.C.
distributor: Columbia TriStar Films Spain