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by Juan Luis Iborra


An all-male theatre troupe gathers at a country estate to stage a production of Shakespearean highlights. Ricardo, the show's director, unexpectedly finds himself falling for the handsome and charismatic Valentin, and casts him as all the female leads, ruffling the feathers of the other, more-experienced actors. As Ricardo struggles with his feelings for the straight Valentin, jealousies and tempers flare, leading to a dramatic and tragic ending.

international title: Valentín
original title: Valentín
country: Spain
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Luis Iborra
film run: 110'
release date: ES 11/04/03
screenplay: Juan Luis Iborra, Marc Cases Torm
cast: Lluís Homar, Iñaki Font, Lola Cardona, Mercè Pons, David Selvas
cinematography by: Porfirio Enríquez
film editing: Antonio Pérez Reina
art director: Ana Alvargonzález
costumes designer: María Araujo
music: Dani Fontrrodona
producer: Marc Cases Torm
production: Cuarteto Producciones Cinematográficas, S.L.
distributor: Nirvana Films