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by Fabrice Sebille


When Arthur decided to become a police officer, it sure wasn't so he'd have to hunt down a small group of ultra-left wing artists, the Black Fist Group, whose main activity is to stir up trouble. No, Arthur's thing was in fact to find his father, Public Enemy No.1, known as "The Malice." But, at the station where he works nights, its exuberant Captain Moulinette who sets the rules, backed up by his loyal lieutenant, sluggish Gégé. Arthur must hence obey orders and infiltrate the Black Fist. To do so, he pretends to be an actor, convincing their muse, the irresistible Blanche Rippolin, who then drags him into her nocturnal adventures. But at night, Paris isn't quite the same.

original title: Blanche nuit
country: France
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabrice Sebille
release date: FR 10/04/2013
screenplay: Fabrice Sebille
cast: Fabrice Abraham, Pascal Demolon, Delphine Rollin, Philippe Duquesne, Arnaud Maillard
cinematography by: Bernard Gemähling
film editing: Pierre Goupillon
art director: Nathaly Dubois
costumes designer: Cyril Fontaine
music: Guillaume Farley, Benjamin Farley
production: Les Films De La Butte
distributor: Les Films de La Butte