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by Bruno de Almeida


The Lovebirds intertwines six stories in the course of one night in Lisbon. An artist pursues a girl through the old cobblestone streets bewitched by the resemblance she has to his dead wife; two small-time crooks break into an apartment as they argue about a lover that tries to divide them; an aging director shooting a boxing film struggles with a movie star and a boxer who has too much pride to be knocked out; an alienated taxi driver brutally kills a prostitute but when he picks up a pregnant woman he may unexpectedly find redemption; a pilot’s weekend affair with a fashion designer goes haywire when her overprotective dog exposes certain trivialities in their relationship; an archaeologist refuses to come out of a work pit where his obsessions may be a cover up for something deeper. A mix of lovable off-beat characters dealing with love, friendship, passion, solitude and hope.

international title: The Lovebirds
original title: The Lovebirds
country: United States, Portugal
sales agent: Abril Cinema
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Bruno de Almeida
release date: PT 13/03/2008
screenplay: Bruno de Almeida, John Frey
cast: Michael Imperioli, Ana Padrão, John Ventimiglia, Joaquim De Almeida, Drena De Niro, Rogério Samora, Marcello Urgeghe, Fernando Lopes, Nick Sandow, Cléia Almeida, John Frey, Filipe Vargas
cinematography by: André Szankowski, Edmundo Díaz
film editing: Bruno de Almeida, Pedro Ribeiro
art director: Zé Branco
costumes designer: Zé Branco
producer: Bruno de Almeida
production: Midas Filmes, RTP - Radiotelevisão Portuguesa, Ba Filmes, Arco Films, Egeac