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by Bryn Higgins


Seventeen year-old twins Kristen and Owen are so wrapped up in their own world that they’re misfits in the real one. Viciously witty, they spend their days caring for their mum Maureen and taking the piss out of their rough estate. They love Maureen but dream of murder and escape.

Along comes Liam – twenties, tough, handsome, full velocity in a cobalt blue Subaru. Kristen fancies him with fairytale intensity.Then Liam takes Owen out drinking. Owen knows as much about pubs as Kristen does about men. Liam invites Owen back to his apartment. “Just for a laugh”, Liam suggests that Owen try on some women’s clothes he happens to have. It’s a Cinderella moment. Owen transforms into a beautiful, sexy woman and finds the world – and Liam - attracted to him. Liam is a romantic, offering unconditional love. So what if he has to dress as a girl?

original title: Unconditional
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Bryn Higgins
release date: GB 25/06/2012, NL 18/07/2013
cast: Harry McEntire, Christine Anderson, Steven Hillman, James Bolam, Melanie Hill
cinematography by: Paul Otter
film editing: Ben Yeates
art director: Rebecca Mason
costumes designer: Mel O'Connor
music: John Lunn
producer: Bryn Higgins
production: Stone City Films
distributor: Arti Film