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by Tessa Louise-Salomé


Mysterious. Brilliant. Uncontrollable. Many words like these have been used to describe French filmmaker Leos Carax in both rapturous and negative ways. One thing that everyone agrees upon is that Mr. Carax went from fantastic success as a young, poetic filmmaker to having a reputation as a controversial, mad genius who struggled to get a single film made—and then created Holy Motors, one of the most-loved films of the last 10 years. Obsessed with romantic, but destructive, characters, Carax has made breathtaking films with his strong visual style to back up his mythic status.

international title: Mr Leos CaraX
original title: Mr Leos CaraX
country: France
year: 2014
genre: documentary
directed by: Tessa Louise-Salomé
film run: 72'
screenplay: Tessa Louise-Salomé, Chantal Perrin, Adrien Walter
cinematography by: Kanamé Onoyama
film editing: Laureline Attali, Gabriel Humeau, Tessa Louise-Salomé
music: Gaël Rakotondrabe
producer: Chantal Perrin, Tessa Louise-Salomé
production: Petite Maison Production
distributor: Movies Inspired