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by Tsai Ming-Liang


The face of an exhausted man breathing deeply, his face agitated and, nearby, the sea. A Buddhist monk walks barefoot and incredibly slowly through Marseille – so slowly, that his progress is barely perceptible and he becomes a calming influence in the midst of the town’s goings-on...

international title: Journey to the West
original title: Xi You
country: France, Taiwan, Province of China
sales agent: UDI - Urban Distribution International
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Tsai Ming-Liang
screenplay: Tsai Ming-Liang
cast: Lee Kang-sheng, Denis Lavant
cinematography by: Antoine Héberlé
film editing: Lei Shen Qing
costumes designer: Julia Didier
producer: Vincent Wang, Frédéric Bellaïche
co-producer: Antonin Dedet, Samuel Tronçon
production: House on Fire
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