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by Ahmed salah


The Imam is a documentary film about the radical Salafist Wahhabism ideology and how this thought coming from the Arabian Peninsula is spreading to the whole world. This ideology is based on the beliefs of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of the Islamic fundamentalist branch of Wahhabism (18th century). The film tries to find an answer to why people hate Muslims. And how this radical Salafist ideology came to Egypt, how they succeeded in changing the shape of moderate Egyptian life and analyzes the relationship between this ideology and politics. The filmmaker expresses his concern of the dangerous impact of Salafism on contemporary Egypt as well as on the whole world.

international title: The Imam
original title: Al lamam
country: Egypt
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Ahmed salah
film run: 58'
cinematography by: Mohamed Halwa
producer: Hussien Wardy
production: Fingerprint