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by Lisle Turner


Loud Inner-city girl Grace doesn't want to spend a week in the country helping her parents save their marriage. Quiet country boy Say finds Grace both obnoxious and attractive. In the scenic grandeur of the dying days of summer they search for distraction and, against all odds, find each other.

international title: Here and Now
original title: Here and Now
country: United Kingdom
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Lisle Turner
release date: GB 04/07/2014
cast: Claire Coache, Alex Evans, Caitlin Hillman, Lauren Johns, Susan Lynch, William Nadylam, Dharmesh Patel
cinematography by: Will Humphris
film editing: Paul Monaghan
art director: Fiona Mclean
costumes designer: Rosi Flood
music: Jonny Pilcher
producer: Martina Klich
co-producer: John A. Selzer
production: Wrapt Films
distributor: Wrapt Films