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by Chus Gutiérrez


After the death of her father, Lucia leaves Madrid for her home town, La Isla, that has become a multi-ethnic world of emigrants and misfits the locals are suspicious of. She meets and falls in love with Curro and decides to stay in La Isla.

international title: Poniente
original title: Poniente
country: Spain
sales agent: Tequila Gang
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Chus Gutiérrez
film run: 96'
release date: ES 13.09.02
screenplay: Icíar Bollaín, Chus Gutiérrez
cast: Cuca Escribano, Josè Coronado, Antonio Dechent, Mariola Fuentes, Farid Fatmi, Alfonsa Rosso
cinematography by: Carles Gusi
film editing: Fernando Pardo
art director: Victor Molero
costumes designer: Bina Daigeler
music: Tao Gutierrez, A.L. Samos
producer: Ana Huete, Iñaki Núñez
production: Olmo Films S.L., Amboto Audiovisual S.L., Vía Digital, Antena 3 Televisión
distributor: Sociedad Kino Vision P.C., S.L