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by Lasha Tskvitinidze


Beso is 14 years old kid from remote village of Georgia, he is growing up in a family of disabled father, mother who is family bread maker, a homosexual brother who gives private dance lessons to make money. Beso and his friend Beka spend their time like most kids. Beso writes rap and records himself on a tape recorder, he sees his rapping as a way out from his harsh life.

international title: I am Beso
original title: I am Beso
country: Georgia
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Lasha Tskvitinidze
film run: 90'
screenplay: Lasha Tskvitinidze
cast: Enri Verulidze, Zaza Salia, Tsotne Barbakadze, Tamuna Madurashvili, Viktor Barbakadze, Mao Mako, Irakli Menteshashvili
cinematography by: Shalva Sokurashvili
film editing: Nodar Nozadze
art director: Nato Bagrationi, Anuka Kalandarishvili
costumes designer: Nato Bagrationi, Anuka Kalandarishvili
producer: Nodar Nozadze