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by Stephanie Joalland


Sarah is a young girl trying to simply survive in the aftermath of the alien invasion with her blind younger brother Tom. Into their lives comes Jude, a man who has lost his family and is desperate for sanctuary from human pursuers who prove far more dangerous than the alien threat hanging – quite literally – above their heads. Determined to protect the family farm from the threat outside, Sarah finds herself at war with her brother as she’s forced to take the risk of trusting Jude, despite Tom’s fears he may not be as innocent as he’s claiming to be

international title: The Quiet Hour
original title: The Quiet Hour
country: United Kingdom, Ireland
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Stephanie Joalland
film run: 85'
screenplay: Stephanie Joalland
cast: Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies, Brigitte Millar, Jack McMullen, Liam O’Brien, Zeb Moore, James Browne, Paul Flanagan
cinematography by: David Knight
film editing: Michael Freedman
art director: Zachary Denman
costumes designer: Julie Jones
music: Carlos José Alvarez
production: Frenzy Films