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by Tor Nygård Koldin, Rikke Selin


On an open field North of Copenhagen, is a collection of 9 large stones. There is nothing mysterious about stones on a field, but this is not any field and the stones are not just stones.

During the Roskilde Festival 2000, nine young men were crushed to death at this place – the nine stones are left as an eternal memory of the tragedy – a monument that reminds us that one of Denmark’s most festive and buoyant, annual events also have brought death.

Film Director Tor Nygård Kolding was among the concert guests, who found him self in the midst of the unspeakable chaos and feverish frenzy that occurred in front of the Orange stage during the Pearl Jam concert. Tor was at the last minute pulled free by another concertgoer, but just minutes before he had lain trapped, helpless and panicked — and just below him laid a dead young man.

NINE ROCKS is a time capsule, a cinematic memorial stone, which tells the story of whom these 9 young men were, and how their death has affected their family and friends. Several lawsuits have been brought, but no one – neither the Roskilde Festival nor other persons – were found responsible for the tragedy. With 9 dead and without anyone to blame, it is hard to imagine how families have found their way through the grief? Are they still angry? Have they moved on?

NINE ROCKS contain both an A and a B story that works in parallel. (A) Is the story of the nine young men, described by their families. (B) Is the story of Tors personal journey – with a critical and cynical attitude to his own motivation and reason for making this film – Tor asks the question: is it really about easing a personal guilt?

With over 100,000 attendees at the Festival the day Pearl Jam played, many people – young and old, music lovers or not – in one way or another are familiar with the accident. NINE ROCKS is a personal journey, a universal story about grief and remembrance. About death and how we move on, when we lose someone too young, too soon.

international title: Nine Rocks
country: Denmark
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Tor Nygård Koldin, Rikke Selin
film editing: Rikke Selin
producer: Nynne Selin Eidnes
production: First Lady Film