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by Bakur Bakuradze


The last twelve months in the life of Dejan Stanić, a former general in the Balkan war. For ten years, he was forced to hide from justice, especially the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, on various undisclosed military bases. He finally found refuge with Slavko, an old man living in a small village in the mountains. Suffering from extreme isolation, Dejan will not only have to face a new environment and a new reality but won’t be able to escape his past.

international title: Brother Dejan
original title: Brat Dejan
working title: The General
country: Russian Federation, Serbia
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Bakur Bakuradze
film run: 113'
screenplay: Bakur Bakuradze, Ilya Malakhova
cast: Marko Nikolić, Misa Tirinda
cinematography by: Nikolai Vavilov
film editing: Ilya Malakhova, Rufat Hasanov
art director: Nikola Bercek
production: Vita Aktiva (RU), Art & Popcorn, CTB, Focus Plus Cinema, Look Film (RU), Pilon Media