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by Juan Miguel del Castillo


It is 2012, and the financial crisis is at its peak. In Jerez, Andalucia, Rocio is a single mother, living in a flat with her eight-year old son Adrian. She owes eight months rent, and has been receiving unemployment compensation for three and a half years. She has no family, for reasons not given. The opening scene is an interview in which she applies for financial aid, and is granted it: but the aid will not arrive for between six months and a year. The conditions are ripe for the perfect storm.

international title: Food and Shelter
original title: Techo y comida
country: Spain
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Miguel del Castillo
release date: ES 4/12/2015
screenplay: Juan Miguel del Castillo
cast: Natalia de Molina, Mariana Cordero, Gaspar Campuzano
cinematography by: Manuel Montero, Rodrigo Rezende
film editing: Juan Miguel del Castillo
art director: Paco Cárdenas, Amanda Román
costumes designer: Alba Serra, Helena Izquierdo
music: Daniel Quiñones, Miguel Carabante
producer: Germán García, Alfred Santapau
production: Diversa Audiovisual
distributor: A Contracorriente Films