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by Ina Borrmann


Filmmaker Ina Borrmann put her wish for a child off until the last possible biological moment. Looking back, she realizes her mother only had children because that’s what all the girls did. She was fortunate enough to be brought up to be a liberal-minded, independent young woman. She enjoyed her freedom, went to college, worked for a while and then enrolled in a film academy. And then she met Marc. Along with the security she felt with him came the desire for a child, suddenly and unexpectedly, from the darkest depths of her psyche, as she puts it. But after many unsuccessful attempts, Ina and Marc realize there’s a problem. Is it her ovaries, or his sperm? The doctor at the IVF clinic is optimistic. We become closely involved as Ina brings the camera to the clinic, determined to film everything. She documents the medical machinery, but also her openhearted journey of self-exploration. We witness the involvement of her sister who does have children, as well as the emotions and tension it causes in her relationship with Marc. Perhaps the wisdom of Simone de Beauvoir can provide some guidance?

international title: Every 28 Days
original title: Alle 28 Tage
country: Germany
sales agent: Deckert Distribution
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Ina Borrmann
film run: 89'
cinematography by: Ina Borrmann
film editing: Dorothee Broeckelmann
music: Jeremy Bullock
producer: Cordula Kablitz-Post
production: Avanti Media Fiction-Film und Fernsehproduktion
distributor: Deckert Distribution