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by Andrina Mracnikar


Hanna loves Yann and the lettres filmees that he sends her, short, poetic films recorded with an iPhone. Yann loves Hanna, but mistrusts her. He leaves her, but does not leave her alone. His video-letters become a threat and Hanna does not know whom to trust or whether she can still trust herself. Ma Folie starts as a romantic love-story but gradually turns out to be a complex psychological thriller. 

original title: Ma folie
country: Austria, France
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrina Mracnikar
film run: 99'
release date: AT 03/2015, DE 21/07/2016
screenplay: Andrina Mracnikar
cast: Alice Dwyer, Sabin Tambrea, Oliver Rosskopf, Gerti Drassl, Anna Rot, Rayana Sidieva, Gisela Salcher
cinematography by: Gerald Kerkletz
film editing: Karina Ressler
costumes designer: Elisabeth Nagl
music: Peter Kutin, Scott McCloud
producer: Lukas Stepanik
production: Extrafilm
distributor: Filmladen